Monday, January 19, 2009

Pacific Grove, CA

I had a restful weekend by myself in Pacific Grove, CA. As I was returning home I felt like I had purged the need to be alone out of my system. At least for the time being.

In joyful silence I spent the weekend praying, reading, eating good food and watching jellyfish at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

Sometimes I wonder if God created such a beautiful world for us or for His own amusement. There are times that His creations are so fabulous that I get the distinct feeling He was just playing around.


  1. Oh yes I have thought that many a time, especially hen we see this whole nother world underground! Tripod and clown fish, jellyfish that warp into seaweed!! And then realize that that silliness definately comes out in us humans doing a jig to some music in the middle of a bustling new york city subway, laughing at ourselves when we make mistakes...the women walking down the street with a huuuuuge red hat and a feather sticking out, we must smile in awe

  2. LOL - that was cute. And I have a funny feeling that 2 weeks in a house with 4 siblings and 2 (wonderful) parents may have caused the need to purge the need for aloneness out of your system!

    Sarah - I read this to Dad and we FOFL about the comment on the silliness of creation being expressed by someone (I wonder who?) dancing the jig in the NY subway!!