Sunday, November 30, 2008

Christmas in California

I decorated my apartment for Christmas this weekend. My sister Sarah and I laughed about how different we are when I told her that I have a theme - gold, snowflakes and pinecones.

As I decorated I considered whether decorating early for Christmas was missing out on the purpose of Christmas, (i.e. skipping Advent and going right to celebrating the day of Christmas).

But I decided as I carefully trimmed my little Noble Fir Christmas tree that I was preparing both my house and my heart for the coming of my King

--click pic for more pictures


  1. Oh Theresa - I love your idea of early decorating for Jesus. Did you know I still have the little present you wrapped for Jesus when you were two and you stayed at our house with your parents? I put it on our tree every year. I don't know what is in it - but - I imagine it is your heart that you gave to Jesus - so we have your heart with us each Christmas Season. I love that and I love YOU - Aunt ME

  2. Oh that makes me so happy Aunt ME!!!

  3. Hey Theresa! Just wanted to say a quick hello to you! I can't wait to hear everyone when you are home for Christmas. I miss being able to see everyone at the I share with my kids what we(you all) used to do. Send me an email sometime