Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Bonding Over Bond

This afternoon, I am going to participate in a Thanksgiving tradition at my new job - have lunch and watch a movie all afternoon. The guy who organized it is calling the event "Bonding Over Bond" because we are going to watch the new James Bond movie.

Have I mentioned how much I appreciate my new job lately?

Things I am thankful for at my job:

- A laid-back boss who trusts me to complete my work and does not keep track of my time
- Really great co-workers who are incredibly intelligent and make me laugh
- Opportunities to learn around every corner
- I can now go to daily mass and get to work at 9AM, (and I am one of the earliest ones to arrive at the office!)
- I can work from home!
- I get to go to trainings and conferences (out of town!)

1 comment:

  1. I want to work there, I want to work there! But really, my job is very similar (except I can stroll in at 8:30, not 9!) and no one's willing to pay for training at the moment and there is very little laughter... OK, maybe it's not so similar!!!