Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Atheists and Mother Teresa

I remember watching a video of Mother Teresa when Sarah was obsessed with her. I was in college and had not returned to my faith. But I remember listening to some of her critics speak about her and being in college at the time and in the critical mode, I tried my best to see where they were coming from, but instead I immediately recognized how silly they sounded. They were all quite self righteous and sure that Mother Teresa was in the wrong in several areas. They of course said this as they lounged on fancy chaise chairs and sipped Pinot Grigio.

One of the videos on the bottom right is of two atheists speaking about Mother Teresa. The patronizing way they speak of her faith really makes me giggle. It is as if they think that her faith in God was some sort of sideshow that they can just brush away as they get to the "real stuff" - her work to help the poor. What they fail to recognize is the obvious, that God was the source of her good works.

This reminds me of the Bill Maher movie that just came out, Religulous. A friend asked me to go and I declined, primarily on the basis that I do not want to fund this man's quest to make religion and just about everything else that is not Bill Maher, seem stupid.

There is something I always recognize in atheists, and I can say this because I was one for some time - pomposity. It is interesting that in the very denial of God, humans begin to act more as if they are God.


  1. Oh Mama T... She has been so good to me

  2. Holy cripes, I jsut watched the atheist video, at first I was laughing, but then it got absurd. Who do you think you are speaking to "educate" or illuminate an audience when you dont know what the hell your talking about. THey only offered aspirin as a pian medication bc that is all they had! Of course it is not because they should really feel the pain, as a "beautiful" thing whether it is or not, that is not why they did not offer the meds. In the US where the medication is available they do give it to the patients, and at times at a very excessive level (at the nurses requests of course). Oh for heavens sake, it is so funny how intelligent people like to claim or appear to be by talking in a monotone, pushing up their glasses and using large words to detract from the fact that they are pumping out such ignorant and empty arguments.

    Oh man..I must get out of academia soon

  3. Believe it or not, I'm just now reading these blogs - I'm waaaaaay too busy lately and it WILL CHANGE!

    Mama T - I love it.

    You're right, T - this does sound a bit snarky, but often true (key word there - often). Because people of faith are so often stereotyped by the intelligentsia (oh Lord, I bet I misspelled it - doesn't THAT fit the stereotype! How do you spell misspell, anyway?) Anyway, because we're stereotyped we often fall in to the same trap in our reaction to them - stereotyping, judging. It's defensive, but Pharisaical (oh dear) nonetheless. I spend so much time in this trap, I have built a fireplace for warmth and coziness!