Thursday, October 30, 2008

Apology to Atheists

So the last post I wrote about atheists and Mother Teresa put a little burr in my conscience. I felt I was not being completely fair and a bit too dismissive. And I feel like God confirmed that in the book that I am currently reading called There Is a God - How the World's Most Notorious Atheist Changed His Mind.

The book is about Antony Flew, a famous philosopher educated at Oxford at the same time of C.S. Lewis. For 60 years, he was one of the world's leading atheist philosophers.

The book chronicles his journey towards a belief in God and it gently encouraged me to remember that many times it is a high level of intelligence that leads some people away from a belief in God. It seems that many times, the most firmly logical, materially based people with very high IQs are the most likely to fall into the trap of atheism. They are unwilling to dip their toes outside of the realm of human reason and logic and explore other possibilities. The interesting thing about this philosopher is that his change in belief was not due to some miraculous "Damascian" revelation. But rather, Flew began to change his mind due to modern science. He cited the discovery of DNA as one pivotal movement in his structure of belief towards God. He talks quite a bit in the book about probability and give mathematical proofs of just how highly improbable it is that the world would be so ordered and "intelligent."

Anyway, just wanted to qualify my rather snarky post from before :)

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