Friday, July 4, 2008

Return from Mexico

Settling back into life, American life.

The life of so much more than we need materially, and so much less than we need spiritually.

I went to Mexico to learn about the life of poor people.

I learned about the life of the rich.

Rich in faith, family and love for each other and God.

Learning nothing from me, I learned everything from the people I met.

- Giving what little they have generously and without thought to what they would gain

- Intimately in tune with the liturgical rhythms of the church, like the blood that flows pulsing to their open, kind hearts

- Service to their community and to the Church at the center of the meaning of their lives, their priorities are exactly where everyone's are meant to be

As the Mayan people I met say - Kolaval

Thank you.

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  1. I just saw this - I gave up on you guys posting lately! OK, I'm not either very much.

    The liturgical rhythms pulsing - that's the key - to get in the flow of that rhythm. Families do it with traditions, individuals with Liturgical prayer and daily Mass. I've never seen communities do it - actually I guess I have. I'm thinking of the little town in Italy we stayed in for World Youth Day (which is starting this weekend I think - in Australia). The priest rang the bell around 7 (give or take 15 minutes) and people would start walking down the street to go to daily Mass. Aaaahhh.