Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday Adoration

I like going to Eucharistic adoration on Friday night.

When I am driving past couples and college kids having fun, I never feel like I am missing out on anything. I feel so lucky to be clued in to the most exciting thing that is happening in the East Bay - Jesus is coming out of the tabernacle to spend some quality time with anyone who wants to drop by.

Sometimes when I am headed to adoration or to any church event, I get this feeling like I need to speed up or show up early because surely there will be huge lines waiting to get in to see the miracle that is about to take place.

But unfortunately, (or fortunately for me when I am running late), when I get there I am astounded to see myself and a handful of other people, never the throngs that I expect.

Adoration is the form of prayer that I really want to share with people who are hungering to really feel the love of Christ in a tangible way.

Sitting in front of the exposed Blessed Sacrament, I can feel God's presence and peace. Sometimes I bring a book but most of the time I find myself just sitting in silence, absorbing the peace and love of my God.

I nod off occasionally but I have gotten over feeling guilty about this, I really feel like God is wrapping me in His love and when I wake up He is still there waiting for me and loving me.

I encourage all of you to try Eucharistic adoration, even if you are not Catholic. God IS there, of this I am sure. And He is waiting to give himself to you, to wrap you in His embrace and show you just how much He loves you.

This link should show you a church near you that provides adoration either 24 hrs (if you are SUPER lucky) or at set times during the week.


  1. Since I cannot seem to get on your blog myself, I am writing you on mom's. Your writings on the faith are provocative and deep, Theresa. I enjoy them very much. They make me think and deepen my faith. I love adoration each Saturday with Mom. When we do that, afterwards, we go to Mass. When we walk out of Mass one of us always says,"What a way to start the day!" I never feel so close to Jesus than when I go to the Eucharits or adoration.
    Love, Dad

  2. why thanks Daddy-O, I love going to adoration with you and Mom. You are so cute, when you come out you lock arms and both say "What a way to start the day!" And that is so true!