Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Prodigal Son

I am giving a short talk on the Prodigal Son for a Lenten retreat this weekend.

PLEASE help me -

Please comment with your experience and thoughts regarding this poignant parable!


  1. So many times in our lives we are SURE we know that our path is the one for us and no one can talk us out of what we are SURE is the one and only way – we know what is best for us. How many times have I looked back and thought that I must have had blinders on when making decisions in my life. Living his Father’s life wasn’t what the youngest child wanted. Or as Grandma Shea would say that maybe he was only seeing what he really wanted to see. I think the Prodigal Son had a vision of where he wanted to be in his life and all of a sudden he had money to spend on wild living and temptation was too much to ignore. When he was broke and eating pigs (and we know how bad that pork is) he comes to his senses and goes home. His Father was wise and loving to take him back into his home and remind him how much he is loved. I too have seen so many times the older brother in this story – jealousy and righteous indignation – how could his Father take his brother back when he had squandered the money and the eldest had stayed at home and done all the “right” things? A lot like the Pharisees who had only one way of looking at things. I think the story is one of being humble, forgiving, open and loving. In the past I think I have been every character in this story from Jesus. It is humbling to realize this.

  2. Thanks ME! My talk went well and your comments helped me think things through! And thanks Monica for the great insights you sent me via email!

  3. oooh tweedle d how i love you so