Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Our Prayers

"I just am never satisfied with the little things," I sighed to my friend, "I know I should be, but I am just never satisfied with the small ways that God is working in my life during the day."

Later that night as we boarded the BART, I noticed a disheveled woman wearing torn jeans and an over-sized sweatshirt. Her face was made up so thickly that she looked like a clown. Her hands were a dark brown color but her face was smeared with white make-up and she had long fake eyelashes that were half fastened on. I could barely keep myself from staring at her and observing her nervous movements. She was talking to herself quietly and reading a torn piece of newspaper.

"If you have a problem with someone you should ask your guardian angel to talk to that person's guardian angel," my friend said to me.

"That is a really good idea," I said, something I will keep in mind.

I turned my attention again to the woman and said a short prayer for her, something I do every once in a while when someone's condition or way of being tears at my soul like this woman.

I began to talk to my friend again but all the while I watched the woman out of the corner of my eye.

She was sitting toward me but never met my eyes. Suddenly, something she said caught my attention.

"Prayed for me and snap it worked."

I was startled.

I strained to hear her again.

The group of boys next to me were talking loudly in Spanish about dancing with girls and I could not hear her.

Then the woman made the sign of the cross and kissed her thumb.


  1. that brings me goosebumps t, how beautiful

  2. your post about dad brought tears to my eyes. How I love him...

  3. Theresa - I send out random prayers whenever I see someone walking or someone that looks as if prayers are needed. I never know if it changes them or not but I know that when Uncle Pat and I were having a very difficult financial time in our lives we were part of a discussion group at church where many small groups met at people's homes. I was one of the organizers for the church and we decided to have a group of people pray for each parishioner in the parish. No one knew who was praying for the different members - I think each person in the group had 20 people to pray for. One day I went to school to pick up the girls and I saw one of the people from that group - I din't talk to her often - we weren't friends - just aquaintences - But I felt pulled to here and I told her I could feel the prayers like a warm blanket over my soul - she looked at me with a startled look and said she was praying for me. From that time on I have sent those random prayers to God. Lots of love - Aunt ME