Monday, June 2, 2008

Farewell Dear Family

Sarah left yesterday. When David left last weekend, Sarah insisted on keeping his paper coffee cup out, my stereo speaker its pedestal.

I considered leaving the coffee cup out with one of Sarah's socks draped over it after she left in a silent monument to their visit.

But of course my neat freak side won out over my sentimentality and I threw the cup away yesterday in a cleaning frenzy.

We had a wonderful time laughing, cooking, watching movies, baking, walking, going to church, visiting my herbalist, meeting my friends.

Today I woke up and automatically turned to the couch, expecting her to be sleeping there but she was not. It was a sad moment, but I am just happy that she visited me.

And there are more good things to look forward to such as my interview for Data Manager with KIPP schools this Thursday. I am not sure that is what God wants for me right now, but I would be very happy if it is!

I also am looking forward to my upcoming trip to Chiapas and my trip to Tulsa in August to see my family and my dear friends Amelia and Javier get married.

Sigh. Life continues. I am alone again but in other ways so comforted and never further away from loneliness.


  1. The job looks so exciting and interesting - I love data - I love setting up reports and making the information clear and understandable to everyone involved. Good luck on your interview - I am SURE you will do great. Aunt ME

  2. aw tree, I miss you already!! What a wonderful wonderful visit, but we can look on the bright side...a pristinely white bath tub, no one making disgusted faces when you want to watch movies like music and lyrics, less sweets to give you love handles around the house, laura jean all to yourself, a clean house (closet!)
    Oh who are we kidding, those things could never make up for the absence of lovely ol me...sigh.
    but really, I love you soo much and I am so glad we were able to grow as sisses during that time.
    a great big hug

  3. Awwww.... I love you guys!